Now that the first week of Ramadan is over and you have tried every konafa and basbusa variation on the planet, you may be looking for some healthier Ramadan dessert options which still serve as something sweet but are not catastrophic to your health.

When you think of it, you would never eat dessert every day throughout any normal period, so there is no reason that Ramadan should be any different. Too much sugar in our system is unfortunately associated with a variety of health risks. Firstly, any excess sugar you eat is stored by your liver as fat. It also causes imbalances in your hormones that regulate satiety (feeling full or satisfied), leading you to eat more each time without feeling full.

Your first options of choice when you are really having sweet cravings can be fresh fruit or flavored tea. Although fresh fruit is naturally rich in sugars, it is also rich in fibers to slow down the release of sugars into your bloodstream, not to mention the numerous vitamins and minerals you will be serving your body as you satisfy your sweet tooth. There are also many great flavored tea options that will please your taste buds without costing you any calories. Our personal favorite is their vanilla tea.

One of the most readily available options throughout the holy month to satisfy your sweet tooth is traditional ‘khoshaf’. Simply soak dried fruit (apricots, prunes, figs, and dates) and nuts overnight with minimal sugar and enjoy your own fruit and nut combination post iftar for an oriental and seasonal sweet, but healthy, treat.

Energy bites are among some of our other favorites this Ramadan. They can be made with dates and a selection of different toppings; from coconut, nuts to cocoa. Dates and small energy bites like these are both a great way of portion controlling the amount of sweets you eat, as you can easily keep track of how much you consumed. Here’s our recipe for date pops with cocoa or coconut.

Stuffed dates are another great way to enjoy dates as dessert, with an endless array of fillings. All you have to do is slice open a date and fill it with whatever you want; coconut, cottage cheese, nuts, dark chocolate, nut butter or granola. You can definitely  find something that will please everyone’s taste buds.

These mini ‘raw chocolate banana ice cream tarts’ are made with all our favorite Ramadan Staples almonds, dates, walnuts and bananas. The raw ice cream filling keeps this desserts light and refreshing, nothing like the usual desserts in Ramadan. Follow the recipe here.