A few years back we published an article on Oil-Pulling, covering mainly the overall health benefits of it and how to include it to our daily oral hygiene routine. 

In this brief article, I just want to target the best oils to be used, why to use them and how to practice Oil-Pulling effectively. 

Oil-Pulling Is 

Basically, an ancient Ayurvedic tradition on detoxifying the mouth through gently swishing oil first thing in the morning for a few minutes. 


Why Would I Need Oil-Pulling and How Does It Work? 

Oil-Pulling activates an enzyme in the saliva that absorbs toxins from the tongue. As we’re gently swishing the mixture of oils, the oils emulsify with the saliva and start coating the teeth preventing them from plaque and bacteria formation. On the other hand, a generation of antioxidants occurs. These antioxidants damage the cell wall of “evil” bacteria, making sure it is completely removed.  

Few minutes swishing the oils, we start sensing that the water consistency is greater than when we first started; this is due to toxins absorption from the gums and mouth walls. Hence, we need to make sure to spit out all the liquid once we’re done – to make sure all toxins are fully eliminated. 

The best time to consider doing this practice is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach – preferably every other day for 5 minutes as a start. 

Once, you feel more confident about the whole technique, you can gradually increase the period to reach 15 – 20 minutes tops. 


What Are the Best Oils to Use for Oil-Pulling 

Originally, Oil-Pulling was done using Pure Sesame Oil or Sunflower Oil. 

Recently, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil started to become the master Oil to be used for Oil-Pulling. However, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also amazing for this practice as it is rich in benefits and vitamins. 

So, let’s look at the benefits of each one of the oils mentioned above – when used for Oil-Pulling 

 Sesame Oil for Oil-Pulling

Most traditional and commonly used for Oil-Pulling. 

  • Removes Plaque 
  • Antifungal 
  • Eliminates Bacteria 
  • Detoxifies  

Coconut Oil for Oil-Pulling

Best for Oil-Pulling due to its very light texture and consistency. 

  • Cleanses Cavities 
  • Anti-microbial 
  • Anti-fungal 
  • Anti-septic (Prevents growth of germs and microbes) 

Olive Oil for Oil-Pulling

Most nourishing oil for Oil-Pulling 

  • Rich in K & E Vitamins 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-oxidant 
  • Reduces Gingivitis 


Oil Mix for Oil-Pulling  


1tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

1tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

1tbsp Pure Sesame Oil 

1 little bottle with a lid 


Shake every bottle of oil well before taking the amount needed to make your mix. 

Add 1 table spoon of each oil directly to the bottle – you can keep on adding as much as needed to fill the bottle (it helps you to better commit to the practice 😉) 

Shake the mixture well and store it in a dark and dry place. 

Remember to shake before using every time.