A love story that took place four thousand five hundred years ago. A story that reminds us all of how love between two souls is much bigger and stronger than just physical love.

Passant Nur El-Din, a tour guide in Egypt, goes above and beyond our expectations with her video that takes us through an epic love story that is quite literally carved in stone in the Egyptian Museum. In her video, El-Din highlights one certain statue and the inspiring love story depicted. She explains how the beautiful and attractive Sen-et, got married to Sen-eb the dwarf. Just by looking at the statue of the wedded couple, you notice how Sen-eb has his arms and legs crossed and you’ll notice how his arms and feet are smaller than his body, a sign that he suffered from dwarfism.

What stands out in the statue, says El-Din, is how the wife, Sen-et encircles her husband with one arm and holds onto him with the other arm in a gesture of immense love, affection and support.

At the bottom of the statue, explains El-Din, both their children, a girl and a boy, are also carved under their father. El-Din admires the talent and sensitivity of the sculptor who carved the children under Sen-eb to create a beautiful harmonious statue that delicately hides Sen-eb’s dwarfism, and rather paints an endearing image of family:  a loving and supportive wife, her husband and their two children.

El-Din’s video is a testament to history and the plethora of heartwarming yet sadly overlooked stories that it has to share. Her video is the perfect attempt to motivate people to start digging into their history and visit their museums to find out a thousand other inspirational stories that lie within their walls.


Watch Passant Nur El-Din’s moving video below…