Don’t believe that you can get all of your recommended nutrient requirements from eating a plant based diet? Today we are showing you how it can be done with our plant based weekly meal plan. Read more about the benefits of a plant based diet here. Challenge yourself with us and try going meat free for a week. We promise your body will thank you for it.

Day 1

BREAKFAST Fava beans with mixed veggies and wholewheat balady/pita bread, banana
LUNCH Homemade koshary
DINNER Burgul salad, hummus dip with carrot and pepper slices
SNACKS Almonds or chocolate chia pudding

Day 2

BREAKFAST Wholemeal Crackers/Slices wholemeal toast with mashed avocado, tomato, lettuce and salt and pepper
LUNCH Lentil soup. baked sweet potato or sweet potato wedges
DINNER Greek salad, tahini or baba ghanouj dip with bread
SNACKS Strawberries and dark chocolate or sliced apple with almond/peanut butter

 Day 3

BREAKFAST Oatmeal made with coconut or almond milk and added fruit
LUNCH Chickpea, lentil and bell pepper salad
DINNER Baked potato with jalapeno or broccoli, mixed green salad with chia seeds and vinaigrette dressing
SNACKS Green juice or mixed nuts

Day 4

LUNCH Quinoa salad or pasta salad
DINNER Tortilla pizza (without cheese) and green salad
SNACKS Orange or pomegranate or Kale Chips

Day 5

BREAKFAST Berry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie 
LUNCH Veggie or quinoa burger (homemade or from Kcal), baked sweet potato or sweet potato wedges
DINNER Cabbage and carrot salad with tahini dressing
SNACKS Raw Nutella  and banana or Sweet potato chips

Day 6

BREAKFAST Banana, kiwi and strawberry smoothie
LUNCH Wholewheat pasta with tomato and basil sauce, grilled vegetables (aubergine, asparagus, carrots, artichokes)
DINNER Cobb Salad with Green Herby Avocado Dressing 
SNACKS Hummus dip with carrot and bell pepper slices or Kiwi or banana with homemade nut butter

 Day 7

BREAKFAST Granola with almond milk, flaxseeds and mixed berries
LUNCH Molokheya with brown rice, mixed green salad with hummus
DINNER Tomato lentil  soup, salad and baked veggie spring rolls
SNACKS Apple with peanut/almond butter or Eggplant crisps

 For a more customized nutrition plan based on your goals, needs, and preferences, you can contact [email protected] to get your very own nutrition plan.