Pole Fitness has been introduced to the Egyptian sports scene for a while now and it has gathered many enthusiasts from all over the country. It is a sport which at its core aims to encourage diversity as most women, regardless of athleticism, weight, color or background can engage in it. PoleFit’s, the first pole studio in Egypt, founder Manar El Mokkadem (aka Mint), has made sure that 2018 is the year to take the sport to the next level by introducing the international competition Pole Theatre to Egypt.

Mint’s journey has been quite a remarkable one as she has managed to change the general societal outlook of pole fitness being associated with stripping to being associated with strength, stamina and grace. She has managed to establish a relatively new sport in Egypt and this has spurred others to open up pole studios all over the country.

What is quite interesting about Pole Theatre Egypt, a pole fitness competition taking place on July 14th, is that it has been tailored to empower Middle Eastern women. The attendees, performers and staff will all be women and there will be no live/online streaming of the event on any platform. That way, all women, of all different levels of conservativeness can compete freely without any cultural or societal boundaries.

“My vision for PTE is for it to be an annual event that unites the pole fitness community in Egypt and in the Middle East. I am aiming for it to grow further to include a professional division and an amateur or semi-pro division,” gushed Mint as she introduced the idea to us. “I’m going to be MC-ing the event so I’m guaranteeing plenty of entertainment and fun. There will be a lot of performances and prizes from international sponsors,” she continued.

The competition will feature four different categories: Pole Art, Pole Drama, Pole Comedy and Pole Classique. Out of each one of these categories, there will be one winner which totals up to four winners in the whole competition. “Game-changing, empowering & spectacular. That is exactly how I’d describe PTE,” stated Mint.

Mark your calendars ladies, because on July 14th, this will be the first time for veiled women to be able to go on stage and perform pole outside of the studio. This is the first pole fitness event in the Middle East to unite the pole community in such a diverse manner. The sky’s the limit when it comes to who can compete because Mint has ensured that this is an inclusive event.

On an ending note, we are truly excited for this female empowering event that will give so many women the chance to express themselves and share their passion. Ladies, we’re rooting for all of you!

For more info you can check out Pole Theatre Egypt’s website.