What is one thing that can make any situation or outfit a hundred times better? G-L-I-T-T-E-R. They took over our Instagram feeds all summer long and we saw them in our favourite spots in Sahel. Now, they are back in Cairo and ready to bedazzle everyone and spread joy all over. We sat down with Nirvana Bebars and Amina Fahmy, the creative minds behind ‘The Glitter People’ to hear all about their journey so far and their upcoming plans!


So, how did this all start? What was the drive behind starting “The Glitter People”?

Nirvana: We are not directly artistic, but we both always had a more or less creative side. I am a PR and marketing director of a fashion label, whereas Amina is an interior designer. The idea came to us by mere coincidence; we just wanted to add a fun aspect to everyone’s outings.

Amina: It literally took two meet ups for us to decide that we were going to start this for real. After starting, we just had to go forward with our concept; we always see how we can uplift people’s mood and make their day a little bit better and nothing beats that!


Who are “The Glitter People”?

Nirvana: They are creative, diverse, artistic, outgoing and fun. It can be anyone; a 7 year-old kid, a 30 something year-old man, or a 50 year-old mum! We are all about spreading happiness and allowing everyone to express themselves.

What was people’s initial reaction to your concept?

Nirvana: During our first event, we literally had everyone cueing up to have us paint their faces and bodies. It was a huge success. Ever since that event, we have been getting endless jobs to bedazzle invitees of different events.


Tell us about a funny or interesting situation that happened to you while on the job!

Amina: I was once totally focused on painting someone’s face when I noticed that a random stranger was posing right behind me and their friend was taking a picture. It was a bit awkward but funny nonetheless!


Have you faced any obstacles while starting or operating “The Glitter People”?

Nirvana: It has been quite a smooth and relaxed journey thanks to our friends and the people we know who have been supporting our idea since the very beginning!


Do you plan on ever growing “The Glitter People”? What are your future plans?

Nirvana: we are planning on growing our brand into a full-fledged event management company and on also manufacturing our own merchandise.

Amina: We also have it in our plans to go international and be a part of international music festivals.


How do you balance managing “The Glitter People” and your day-to-day careers?

Amina: We both help and support each other. If she’s away, I handle everything and vice versa. It is all about having each other’s backs. Also, most of the gigs we get are during the weekends so that helps as well.


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