During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we need to be extra careful about what we put into and onto our body, as anything that gets absorbed into our bloodstream goes directly to our baby’s bloodstream too.

There is a lot of controversy regarding hair dying during pregnancy, because of the high levels of chemicals in hair dyes that can potentially get absorbed through our scalp. Most research actually shows that it is safe to dye your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because the chemicals used are not highly toxic and only a very small amount gets absorbed into our bodies. However, if you prefer to be extra safe, but still want to pamper yourself a little with a new hair color, there are some other alternatives.

Most experts recommend waiting until the second trimester before applying anything to your hair. This is because both you and your baby are very fragile at the early stages of pregnancy, your pregnancy hormones are at an all time high during the first weeks of pregnancy and this is the stage at which your baby is developing rapidly. It is not right to take any chances at such a valuable and critical time.

Getting highlights or lowlights instead of a full hair dye is much safer, as the dye is not applied directly to the scalp and thus no chemicals will enter your bloodstream.

Try to opt for ammonia-free and bleach-free hair dyes where possible. Ammonia and bleach are two harsh chemicals that can alter your baby’s development when they enter the body in large amounts.

You can also consider natural hair dyes such as henna. Although the range of color is more limited, these dyes are made from natural sources and contain only natural colorants, so they are much safer both for you and your baby.