Giving birth can be a nerve-racking experience, especially for first time moms. Being as prepared as possible and having all the essentials you need during your stay at the hospital can make you feel much calmer and relaxed about the arrival of your baby.

The Basics Labour can be a lengthy process. So be sure to pack something comfortable with you to wear during your stay at the hospital. You can buy new PJ’s for the special occasion, or wear something that you already own that makes you feel at home. Yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt will do. Anything with an open front will make breastfeeding easier. And slippers, flip-flops and fluffy socks with help with swollen feet and legs. Whatever you choose, wearing your own clothes will certainly beat wearing a hospital gown.

Toiletries The last thing you want is to say is ‘I should have really brought that with me’. To avoid this unnecessary stress, bring all your day-to-day toiletries with you just in case. Shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, towel, lip balm, hair ties, your make-up case for freshening up. A towel and washcloth too. You’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible – even if it means packing your own toilet paper.

Electronics Make sure you have a camera with you so your partner can record the miraculous moment and add to your baby book later. Plus, the best thing to do in times like these is distract yourself. Bring some form of entertainment, maybe an iPad or a book. Some moms also find listening to music de-stressing and relaxing, which is exactly what you need!

Going Home You’ll need to pack a going home outfit with you. We recommend wearing a maxi dress or something very loose fitting to avoid any irritation or discomfort. The hospital will most probably issue you pads and underwear. For personal comfort, we recommend packing your own panties and pads.

Food Let’s be honest, hospital food is the worst. Pack a few portable snacks with you to munch on before and after giving birth. Hydrating foods are best, since your body will be under lots of stress and in need of vital nutrients. But any food you love snacking on will be comforting and help keep your nerves under control.

Baby Essentials You will of course need diapers, a blanket, pacifier and a newborn outfit for your baby. Scratch mittens can also be really useful during the first few days because newborns often scratch themselves. If you plan to breastfeed, nursing gear like a nursing bra, breast pads, pillow and creams will be necessary. Don’t forget to have your car seat ready to put your baby in once you are ready to leave too.

Hospital Bag Checklist
Mom Essentials  
Comforting Items (E.g. Jewellery, Mug, Pillow)  
Going Home Outfit  
Hand Sanitizer  
iPad/Music Player  
Lip Balm  
Nursing Bra  
Panties and Pads  
Baby Essentials  
Car Seat  
Newborn Outfit  
Scratch Mittens