Motherhood comes naturally, but it doesn’t always come easy. In fact most of the times it comes with heavy weight; emotional, psychological, and physical.

We often lose ourselves as we hold on so tightly to our bundles of joy. Let it be a career that we loved so much, a sport that we couldn’t imagine our lives without, a hobby that worked itself into our lives as a second nature, or even simply a lifestyle we were committed to. We let go!

That’s OK, after all it’s about priorities and baby always comes first. But as our babies grow, we tend to forget to grow out of this phase with them, and this is when it stops being ok. We as women are born to endure, and as we become mothers we learn that endurance can’t come on our own expense because sooner or later we realize that you really can’t pour from an empty cup.

So whether you are at that later stage when you’ve come to realize that you need to find yourself again or you are still in that sooner phase trying to figure it all out, here are a few things you can do now to get back on track:

Eat well: Go for the organic, hormone- free, chemical-free, grass-fed option. Those options are better on all levels, and the rule of thumbs is better food equals healthier you. It is easy to achieve this with NGS. There has never been a wider variety or a more convenient experience to make eating healthy to much easier.

Snack healthy: Nursing mothers are almost always hungry, and for good reason! This means snacks are a fundamental part of their diet. The good news is Eat Right has finally launched in Egypt, with their lovely on the go packaging and 100% natural product. There are no excuses on this one.

Exercise: We all already know how important it is, but we just can’t get ourselves to do it especially when we have little monkeys clinging to our necks all the time. Well not anymore! With branches all across Cairo, Hers gym offers the ideal atmosphere for mothers to exercise exclusive to females and has a play area to keep the kids happy and busy while you get moving.

Give science a chance: Professional advice is one of the most underrated things in Egypt and it’s really hard to understand why. Visit a specialized clinic, educate yourself about all the options since has to offer you. SHE Clinic in Heliopolis and WHAM clinics in Sheikh Zayed are great examples of professional facilities offering a range of medical and cosmetic solutions.

Study: We are a lucky generation for so many reasons, but one of things we should be specially be grateful for are health coaches. Like everything in life, a healthy life style is not easy to sustain unless you have the proper support. Shahinaz El Tarouty is one of our favorite coaches, because her skill goes beyond her certification and offers easy to follow and realistic programs inspired by being a woman who lost herself to motherhood in the past.

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