It is that beautiful time of year again, and for many Egyptians it’s extra special with Christmas and Mawlid AlNabawi overlapping once again, all in time for the New Year!

Our kids are lucky they get to celebrate both occasions, but this should not be limited to decorating the tree and indulging on Mouled treats. We should capitalize on this unique moment with all the things they can learn from these special holiday occasions.

Here are some tips to teach our kids a few things in a fun and easy way this season.

  • Talk to them about why we are celebrating the birth of Muhammad and Jesus (PBUT). Teach them about the values they lived by and the messages they came with. After all, there are no greater idols to look up to than the messengers of God.
  • Make it a time for family, and the one thing better than simply spending time with family is doing something as a family! Let it be as simple as hanging a wreath or baking a cake, as it all depends on the ages of your children and their abilities. Alex Toys Egypt has a great example of a craft tree that is really enjoyable for kids of all ages, and even fun for parents themselves. I mean who wouldn’t want to decorate a tree with over 1200 stickers!
  • With a new year around the corner we should take the opportunity to teach our kids about fresh starts, resolutions and second chances. It really is never too late to start over, to do something we have been planning on doing. Get them to try something new or finish a project or goal that’s been left alone. Maybe it’s time to go back to finishing off a painting they have started earlier or to enroll in a new sport!
  • Good deeds don’t go unnoticed. Reward your kids for their efforts over the year and encourage them to do even better next year. Gifts are a beautiful gesture of appreciation and motivation to show that we care. There is no better place than Premaman to shop for kids gifts with their wide variety and outstanding collection.

If you choose to let Santa deliver those gifts, place your order through Rahet Bally and we will have the man of the hour himself deliver it right down your chimney.