It’s amazing to watch our children grow, learn and change from babies into lively toddlers right before our eyes. That being said, these changes also bring us face to face with issues we never imagined would be issues. Luckily, we’re here to share some great options we’ve found for easing your daily struggles and bringing nothing but the best for years 1-3. 

Encouraging Them to Get Out of Bed
Inspired by the everyday hassle of getting our little ones out of bed and into their morning activities, we’ve found a fun way to get through stressful mornings with vivid colors and drawings. “Good Morning Sunshine” is a laminated, flash-gadget designed to help kids love mornings, from Weصal. With its innovative design, “Good morning sunshine” explains morning activities with illustrative pictures and patterns to engage and inform your early riser, while keeping them at ease and eager to know what’s next. Weصal advocates the power of rewards when raising kids so a variety of fun activity rewards are added to finish the daily routine with; from watering their favorite plant to some quality time dancing together, your kids will be left eager to know the reward they will receive when their morning activities is a mission accomplished.

It also features a rounded, child friendly design, a knob for hanging, interchangeable activity cards for you to customize, and an easily cleanable surface.

Healthy Food They’ll Actually Love

Finding the right foods to eat for your toddler can be a real challenge, let alone finding healthy foods that they actually like. That’s why we are very excited about a range of new products that are now on the market that not only taste good but are healthy and encourage independent eating. Eat Right, a new healthy snack brand in Egypt, is introducing food pouches and fruit cups to the market.  Food pouches come in 9 different flavors and combinations including a delicious organic apple, blueberry, sweet potato combination. Eat Right also offers pineapple fruit cups that have no sugar added and are a great lunchbox addition! For those who have kids in elementary school, the apple chips are an absolute must with 1.5 apples in each bag! You can shop their full range and order here.

 Almost all toddlers give us a hard time when it comes to lunch. What if we could make them eat all they should eat by hiding fruits and veggies inside perfectly flavored meals and have them delivered right to our doorstep? Mommies, we’re proud to present N.Republic; bringing you a range of prepared food with premium ingredients that will add happiness to your toddler’s taste buds. At N.Republic you can find soups, samosas, spring rolls, lean burgers, meatballs, nuggets, pasta sauces, butters, waffles and much more. The only thing required of you is heating or cooking the items at home to get a super nutritious, tasty meal for your picky toddler and the whole family.

Developing Their Skills
Little Artists is an adult themed coloring book including 10 kid friendly designs suitable for little hands to color. Little Artists includes the perfect combination for parents and kids to relax, enjoy and find happiness in coloring together.

Children instinctively love art whether it’s painting, drawing, or making music. Having these skills developed only at school is not enough. We always need to recognize and appreciate the importance of arts in building and developing a child’s brain and be sure to invest in it as much as we can. Kids’ Workshop is just the place to help you with that! They teach children from 3-12 years old all the possible skills they can learn in an extra creative and interactive environment, and under close supervision of highly trained, professional teachers. One of their workshops “The Little Business Man” is really out of the ordinary. It teaches kids how to set up and maintain their own business. They offer a variety of workshops for arts and crafts, drama, sciences, games, and even summer and winter camps.