Our food preferences change throughout the holy month, so it is no secret that Kcal has adapted their menu to suit our Ramadan needs. By creating a more limited menu with more oriental dishes, Kcal has managed to create healthy meals that still taste home cooked and comforting, just what we need at this time of month.

It’s very important that you nourish your body at every chance you get during Ramadan, which is why we are very happy to tell you that Kcal is now offering double salad portions at the same price. We personally love their quinoa, avocado, and sweet potato salad, but their Asian chicken and Casablanca salads are also on offer this Ramadan.

The new hearty Ramadan exclusive main meals at Kcal this Ramadan, such as chicken olive tagine or kofta with tomato will give you the home cooked meal feeling if you are not much of a cook yourself. We also love the fact that you can order brown wholegrain rice and sweet potato as a healthier alternative to traditional white rice and potatoes. These small changes can make a big difference to your health, especially throughout the fasting period.

Craving something sweet at iftar like the rest of us? Avoid the generic sugar loaded desserts and go for Kcal’s brownie or chocolate banana square for a satisfying treat that won’t leave you feeling stuffed with sugar.

The Ramadan menu comes with some great value bundles. For 75 LE you can enjoy a balanced iftar of soup, main course, a side dish, a dessert, and juice. Alternatively, you can opt for the 35 LE suhoor bundle and enjoy any suhoor dish, a wholewheat tortilla, yogurt, and a juice.

To try out the Kcal Ramadan menu for yourself, visit their branches in Mohandiseen, Fifth Settlement, or Sheikh Zayed. Otherwise, you can call them on 19718 or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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