How many times have you said that you will start eating ‘clean’ once you renew your gym membership? Or maybe start going for those early morning runs once you manage to prep your food for the week? Today we discuss how doing it all at the same time and completely changing your lifestyle overnight might not be as sustainable as you think.

Getting healthier was probably high on the list of your New Year’s resolutions, but a couple of months into the new year you and you may be feeling you had a few too many cookies or went to the gym a few too little times. If you’ve already given up on the dream of 6 am workouts and prepped lunches at work every day, it’s important to re-assess your original goals in comparison to your reality.

When it comes to your health, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just because you had a takeaway lunch doesn’t mean you should go home and order pizza because you already ruined the day. If you have one slip, don’t make it worse by completely falling off the health wheel.

In fact, taking baby steps and maintaining a balance is considered the healthiest and most sustainable approach to making real changes to your existing lifestyle. Try making ONE simple change every 1-2 weeks. Here is a simple example you can follow or take inspiration from:

Week 1: Healthy breakfast
Week 2: Healthy breakfast + No Soft Drinks
Week 3: Healthy breakfast + No Soft Drinks + 2 Workouts Per Week
Week 4: Healthy breakfast + No Soft Drinks + 3 Workouts Per Week

Making basic and more sustainable changes to your health will allow to make your transition to a healthier lifestyle feel more effortless. Not to mention that this approach will benefit your body much more than a one-week boot camp that you give up on faster than you started.

The take home message? Assess your own lifestyle, find simple changes that you know you will be able to follow up with, commit to each of these changes, and once you have mastered one you can move on to the next step. Ultimately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ routine or lifestyle, and finding changes that can fit in with your own life is the only way of transforming your body, health or lifestyle permanently.