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Authentic Dukkah – Ottolenghi Style Dukkah

A fragrantly delicious mix of nuts, seeds and herbs. it is aromatic, crunchy and super versatile. Dukkah can literally be added to anything and make it taste way better.

By thedailycrisp


طبق الكشري مصدر كبير للكربوهيدرات المعقدة والبروتين الكامل. بفضل العدس والرز، ترضي هذه الوجبة المعدة وتوفر للجسم جميع العناصر الغذائية التي يحتاجها من في وجبة واحدة. طبق سلطة خضراء بجانب الكشري يجعل هذه الوجبة مصرية بالكامل!

By thedailycrisp

Koshary Recipe

Our koshary recipe is a great source of complex carbs and complete protein. Thanks to the lentils and rice together this koshary meal will satisfy your belly and provide you with all the nutrients you need for a full meal. A healthier version that does not compromise on taste for the national comfort meal. A green salad on the side will make this a full Egyptian meal.

By Mama's Kitch

Alexandrian Style Baked Fish

You don't have to live seaside to enjoy this healthy meal. Making this dish will take you there.

By Mama's Kitch

Detox Ice Pops

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing ice pop on a hot summer day, right? Put down the Ben & Jerry’s and those neon colored store bought pops and get ready for a summer treat that’s both tasty and healthy. No refined sugars or artificial flavors, only wholesome real food here. These ice pops are a hit with children, adults, and everyone in between. Now who said detoxing is boring?

By doniahilal