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Frozen Blueberries Ice-Cream

It’s time for making some delicious Ice Cream! 🍦🫐⁣

This is our first Ice-Cream recipe this year and we chose Blueberries Ice-Cream because Blueberries are incredibly tasty, full of nutrients (especially when frozen), and their color is sooo beautiful. ⁣

Some of the benefits of frozen blueberries are: 🫐🤜🏼🤛🏼⁣

1- Anti Aging 😌⁣
2- Protects Neurons form Degenerate ⁣
3- Highly Antioxidant⁣
4- Protect from DNA Damage⁣
5- Increase Insulin Sensitivity⁣

By thedailycrisp

Authentic Dukkah – Ottolenghi Style Dukkah

A fragrantly delicious mix of nuts, seeds and herbs. it is aromatic, crunchy and super versatile. Dukkah can literally be added to anything and make it taste way better.

By thedailycrisp

Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

Heartwarming, Tasteful and Super Nutritious Pumpkin Soup that you can eat any time of the day or whenever comforting is needed.

It's one of the best meals to have in your kitchen in Autumn.

ORIGINAL Recipe by: @projectsunny

By thedailycrisp

سلطة التفاح والجرجير بعين الجمل

سلطة لا يمكن أن تكون مملة! وصفة غنية باللون الأخضر القوي والمكسرات المقرمشة والتفاح مع دريسنج بلسمي لذيذ، ليست فقط مفيدة لصحتك، بل إنها مزيج من النكهات التي لا تقاوم! يمكننا إضافة الجبنة الزرقاء لمذاق أقوى، ويمكن أيضا تبديل التفاح بالكمثرى واللوزوبدل عين الجمل، ويمكننا إضافة جبنة فيتا بدل من الريكفورد

By thedailycrisp

Soulful Pumpkin Soup

This soulful, yet fast and easy soup recipe is perfect for fall. It is thick creamy and heartwarming, feels just like a delicate hug.

By FayrouzEid

DIY Easy Creamy Cashewnut Milk Recipe

This recipe is easy, tasty and can be enjoyed with coffee or by adding it to recipes as a dairy substitute.

By FayrouzEid

شوفان بالشوكولاتة

وجبة فطور صحية بمذاق التحلية.

By thedailycrisp