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Amal Ahmed ( Mama's Kitchen) is an entrepreneur, a wife, a mom, and a grandma. She is the queen of desserts and everything tasty but as a mom of 5 and a grandma of 4, she knows how to keep her family healthy by doing what she does best, cook them delicious healthy and fulfilling meals.

شوربة قرع العسل

من اصح وأجمل وأسهل الشوربات فالدنيا
‎ولو حد بيحبك اوي هينصحك انك تشرب منها كل يوم
‎مقاديرها بالضبط مقادير شوربة العدس بس القرع هو البديل للعدس والباقي كما هو

By Mama's Kitch

Freekeh with Vegetables

Freekeh is an Egyptian "superfood" - a great replacement for white rice, excellent as a meal all on its own or as a tasty side.

By Mama's Kitch

Koshary Recipe

Our koshary recipe is a great source of complex carbs and complete protein. Thanks to the lentils and rice together this koshary meal will satisfy your belly and provide you with all the nutrients you need for a full meal. A healthier version that does not compromise on taste for the national comfort meal. A green salad on the side will make this a full Egyptian meal.

By Mama's Kitch

Alexandrian Style Baked Fish

You don't have to live seaside to enjoy this healthy meal. Making this dish will take you there.

By Mama's Kitch