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Delicious Beetroot Soup

Winter calls for a change in diet.. This is why during this time of the year, we find ourselves drawn to "comfort foods" more than ever; yet, we don't know what to eat. Going for a nice warm soup can never be wrong in such weather.

One of the vegetables we love most, for its fascinating benefits, deeply warm color as well as its sweetly earthy taste is Beetroots.

Here are some of the benefits of this root vegetable:
1. Reduces Blood Pressure
2. Prevents Respiratory Issues
3. Protects the Liver
4. Protects the Heart
5. Increases Overall Body Stamina
6. Improves Overall Brain Functions
7. Encourages Weight Loss
8. Cleanses Blood
9. Supports Skin Health

Not to mention that beetroots have their "beets greens", which are a whole "other veggie", considered to be part of the super leafy greens.

This 6 ingredient soup is not only vibrant, smooth and flavorful - it is also very hearty and filling.

By thedailycrisp