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Kale Pesto

My two kids are huge fans of pesto. So a few years ago my objective was to make my homemade pesto delicious and recently it shifted to making it as nutritious and as healthy as possible. So now I too can enjoy my pesto paste without feeling guilty about all that saturated fat and a ton oil. I often put my spiralizer to work and make zucchini noodles to add them in with wholewheat spaghetti. Adds more veggie fiber without compromising the flavor. We use this pesto for pasta, grilled vegetables, sandwiches and even salad dressings.

By victoria

Kale Smoothie Parfait

I honestly prefer to chew my food, but.. sometimes when I get busy running about and feel like I've been missing some nutrients I add green smoothies to my morning routine. And I like to add all the superfoods to it that I have. Like ground flaxseed, hemp seed, spirulina, chia, just to name a few. And since I like to chew my food I, sometimes, make it a little special and add some texture in form of my homemade Delicious Healthy Granola and fresh fruit. Or if you really want to take your smoothie to the next level, try this Parfait.

By victoria