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Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

Heartwarming, Tasteful and Super Nutritious Pumpkin Soup that you can eat any time of the day or whenever comforting is needed.

It's one of the best meals to have in your kitchen in Autumn.

ORIGINAL Recipe by: @projectsunny

By thedailycrisp

Soulful Pumpkin Soup

This soulful, yet fast and easy soup recipe is perfect for fall. It is thick creamy and heartwarming, feels just like a delicate hug.

By FayrouzEid

شوربة قرع العسل

من اصح وأجمل وأسهل الشوربات فالدنيا
‎ولو حد بيحبك اوي هينصحك انك تشرب منها كل يوم
‎مقاديرها بالضبط مقادير شوربة العدس بس القرع هو البديل للعدس والباقي كما هو

By Mama's Kitch