Super Green Breakfast Smoothie

By thedailycrisp  

June 27, 2015

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Our recipe for the ultimate Super Green Smoothie can be your go-to breakfast - for those busy mornings or can't be bothered sort of days. What’s great about this recipe is that it can be altered in so many different ways, depending on the season, what you have in your fridge, or your local super market.



1 handful of washed spinach

70 g fresh/ frozen strawberries/ blueberries or raspberries

1 bottle of Yakult/Dairy- free milk/ Skimmed milk/ Rayeb or Greek Yoghurt

1 juiced lemon

1 cup chilled water and ice

1 tsp superfoods (chlorella, wheatgrass, or spirulina powder, or 1 teabag of green tea)


Blend greens with water or ice first, add in fruits, followed by extras, drink immediately, and preferably on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. That will ensure all of the vital vitamins and nutrients are absorbed in your system without any interference.

Some super beneficial facts about our Super Green Breakfast Smoothie:

*100 grams of spinach contain 3 grams protein, 0 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates. Spinach is also high in iron and water content.
*Berries help you feel full and make you eat less. They are natural antioxidants that help protect our bodies against inflammation. 1 cup of strawberries contains more vitamin C than one orange.
*Dairy products improve bowel movements, aid in digestion and help reduce the risk of infections by building the immune system. Probiotics, in high concentrates that are found in drinks like Yakult reduce toxins and keep the balance of good and bad bacteria.
*Lemon juice also aids in digestion, removing toxins from your body, aiding in weight-loss, and contains anti-cancer properties.
*Chlorella powder is a great source of protein (there are 60.7 grams of protein in every 100 grams). Wheatgrass is a cancer-eliminating agent and is also used to treat many illnesses and diseases. It even prevents gray hair from growing. It’s ideal for those who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol. Spirulina is another dietary supplement that contains about 60 percent protein and is essential for muscle gain. One serving of Spirulina has more protein than that that is found in meat, eggs and dairy products. Use powders sparingly as their taste is very strong
*When making the breakfast smoothie, think green, fresh, cold, and nutritional. Always keep in my mind: 1/3 greens, 1/3 fruit, 1/3 extras (dairy, super foods, nuts, water, ice, etc...).