Blueberry Chia Oats Breakfast Bowl

By Omneya Moussa  

March 20, 2016

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This bowl full of omega-3 and fiber (both heart healthy and anti-inflammatory) is a nutritiously packed way to start the day. Super simple and made to taste, all this recipe requires is some quick, before bed planning and you'll have your breakfast ready to go as soon as you're up and ready to take on the day.



1/2 cup Unsweetened almond or oat milk

1/2 cup Rolled oats

2 tbsp Chia seeds

1 cup Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1/3 cup Walnuts, chopped

1 tsp Honey

Crunchy oat flakes, optional


Place the oats, chia seeds and half of the blueberries in a medium jar or closed container.

Pour in the almond milk and drizzle the honey, sweetened to taste. Mix well, refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, top with remaining blueberries and walnuts.

Top it with some crunchy oats flakes if preferred.

Tip: Cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg are all great spices to add or experiment with for this recipe!

Omneya graduated from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. She then continued her post-graduate studies in London, where she received a MA degree in Media Management, from the University of Westminster. Omneya now lives in Cairo and works in advertising. She’s passionate about writing, food and fashion, and is also a digital media enthusiast, avid coffee drinker and professional dog walker. You can get more of Omneya's recipes through her Instagram account @ohhshecooks.