Recipe: Sweet and Tart Salad Jar

By thedailycrisp  

August 1, 2016

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The sweet and tangy combinations of this salad make it an exciting and well rounded dish, as a side or a main. You can choose which type of nuts you'd like to use, along with either a soft or hard type of goat cheese. Also, finding a good quality balsamic glaze (we found ours at Gourmet Egypt) will add an exceptional flavor dynamic to any salad creation!




Cherry tomatoes, halved

Mushrooms, sliced

Nuts, chopped

Goat's cheese, crumbles or cubed

Pear, sliced

Mixed greens


3 tbsp Olive oil

Salt & pepper

Balsamic glaze reduction, to top


Wash, prepare and cut all salad ingredients.

Mix with simple olive oil dressing and drizzle balsamic reduction glaze over the top. Enjoy!