Sweet Corn and Potato Soup

By Chef May Yacoubi  

December 2, 2018

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Gourmet ghee (as its suitable for people with milk intolerance and is lactose free)

3 Strips Beef bacon


1 can of corn

2 cups potato cubes (steamed)




Fresh spring onions or chives

Fresh coriander

Almond milk


Roughly chop beef bacon

Brown the bacon in a large pot with ghee

Add corn and steamed potatoes let the flavors settle together before seasoning with salt and pepper to preference

Sprinkle paprika onto the corn, bacon, and potatoes

Pour in dairy-free cooking cream and almond milk

Cook until boiling

Garnish with spring onions and parsley

Serve and enjoy!

A wife and a mom of 2 adorable kids, May Yacoubi is a self taught chef with a masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the AUC and a career in production. She decided to follow her lifelong dream and work in the culinary field and cook her heart off! She started her passion for food since childhood. She polished her skills through traveling which helped expand her pallet and is now producing and presenting her own TV program May's Kitchen.