Avocados are the king of healthy fats, and can be added to every meal throughout your day to boost your diet’s nutritional profile, nourish your body, and make everything more delicious. Alongside healthy fats, avocados are packed full of fiber, folate, and vitamin K. Want to know more ways to incorporate avocados into each meal? We’ve got you covered!

Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Avocado
baked eggs in avocado
Not a breakfast lover? This Instagram-worthy meal will make you fall in love with breakfast and leave you wanting more. Starting your day with a dose of healthy fats and protein like in this meal helps get your body ready for the day, and gives you a much needed boost of energy. Find the recipe here.

Smoothie Snack: Avocado Smoothie
avocado smoothie
Avocados complement almost every smoothie combination. Their creaminess adds bulk to the smoothie and perfectly complements the sugar in the fruit (it is a fruit afterall!). The healthy fats in the avocado also slow down sugar absorption into your bloodstream, making them perfect if you are worried about the overload of sugar in some smoothies. Find the recipe here.

Lunch: Cobb Salad with Herby Avocado Green Dressing
This salad is a colorful and vibrant celebration of veggies. The avocado and kidney beans make a perfect union of healthy fats and plant protein. Forget mayonnaise and enjoy this creamy avocado dressing instead. Find the recipe here.

Snack: Guacamole
We all get in those munching moods where we just want to snack away. Instead of indulging in a bag of crisps, grab some wholegrain crackers and dip them into some guacamole for a more wholesome, much tastier snack. Find the recipe here.

Dinner: Avocado Sandwich
avocado sandwich
This 4-layer ultimate plant-based sandwich is perfect if you want something comforting at the end of a long day. If you’re looking to reduce your cheese intake, these much healthier and lighter fillings will hit the spot instead. Find the recipe here.

Dessert: Chocolate Avocado Pudding
chocolate avocado dessert
We know what you’re thinking, avocados are not what first comes to our mind when we think of dessert either. But, their taste is completely unidentifiable when paired with the much stronger flavor of cocoa powder. They are simply perfectly creamy to give you the ideal mousse/pudding texture. This is also a great child-friendly recipe if you want to squeeze some extra nutrition into their dessert. Find the recipe here.


Photo from Self.com