Warm, spiced, and comforting; that is exactly how we like our drinks at this time of year. To spare you unnecessary additions and artificial syrups from café’s, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite homemade warm winter drinks that are perfect for a cozy night in with friends, or solo with your favorite movie or book.

Hot Chocolate

choco-2Hot chocolate is a winter classic that doesn’t get old, no matter what age you are. The nutty flavors of almond milk, combined with the richness of authentic dark chocolate beats refined cocoa powder by miles. Don’t forget a pinch of cinnamon to spice it up! Find recipes here and here.

Chai Latte

chai latteForget artificial flavorings, this chai latte is made with the right mixture of authentic spices to give you the perfect spicy kick without any unnecessary calories or sugar. Find the recipe here.

Turmeric Milk

tumericmilkThis ‘golden milk’ has been used as a cure for nasty winter colds and flu for years. Turmeric is an incredibly strong antioxidant with antibacterial properties, too. Find the recipe here.

Warm Apple Pie Smoothie

warm apple pie smoothieDessert in smoothie form? Sold! This warm apple pie smoothie is perfectly comforting on a cold winter’s night, and guaranteed to be a party pleaser too. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

SONY DSCStarbucks is not the only one who knows how to make a mean pumpkin spice latte. Making it at home is much more economical, not to mention much better for your health. Find the recipe here.