Carbs are a beautiful thing, and there’s no need to demonize them. They can make up a part of any healthy eater’s diet; portion control and smart substitutions are the key. Check out our TDC approved, scrumptious, healthy, and guilt free combinations. Goodbye post-pasta bloating and hello to nourishing our bodies with pasta!

The One with Greens

the one with greensWe don’t know about you, but we always feel like adding green to our pasta dishes balances out the flavours and helps us feel like we are making better choices. This is a great entry-level dish that the whole family will chow down on in minutes. Hold back on the cheese if you are looking for a less calorie taxing meal. Find the recipe here.

The One with Shrimp

the one with shrimpTry this one out for a dose of healthy protein and a nice variation to the usual Italian flavors. This Thai inspired recipe is full of goodness, and the variety of different colors make it extra appealing and appetizing too. Find the recipe here.

The Basic One

the basic oneThis wholewheat penne with a classic tomato sauce is the perfect basic, comforting meal. Whip it up when you get sudden carb cravings and you need to satisfy them quickly. Reaching for this instead of reaching for the phone to order a takeaway pizza is something your body will thank you for immensely. Find the recipe here.

Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

spaghetti and meatballs

A favorite among kids and adults alike, this is a cult classic that never lets us down. We have our own TDC recipe to share with you.

The One with No Pasta At All

the one with no pastaInvesting in a spiralizer can be one of the best decisions you make in terms of improving the quality of your veg and carb free meals. There are so many spiralized veggie options to choose from, but zucchini is the most classic and works the best. Try this recipe out for a completely plant based meal that is so delicious you will keep going back for more.