The Mala is the fruit of a childhood friendship of four people who went to university together, each pair of them have been childhood friends as well. As they were going about their lives, working, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and everything that falls in between, each one of them got attracted to different forms of fitness; hence, decided to pursue it professionally. 

Nerine and Mariam pursued their passion for Yoga, Yasmin’s love for Zumba grew fonder and she perfected it, and Shereen pursued Pilates, Pole Fitness among a range of other workout disciplines.

The friends then decided to open their own studio as they wanted to offer people a place to pause their bustling lives and take a breather.


About The Mala Studio

The Mala is a fitness studio operating since 2016, based in New Cairo. 

Their classes are a delicate intertwine between mobility, strength, and flexibility while incorporating deep and active breathwork. The classes offered at The Mala are suitable for practitioners of all levels as they cater to clients seeking new forms of movement and/or consistent practice.

What Is The Origin Of “The Mala” as a Name

The Mala Studio’s name is derived from “The Mala Bead” a prayer bead used in Hindu and

Buddhist prayer ceremonies and meditation, similar to what we know as a Rosary Bead. Their

name reflects mindfulness and spirituality, it was originally inspired by the philosophical

interpretation of a young Indian philosopher the group met in India back in 2015 rather than by the bead itself.

As long as it is sacred, anything can be your Mala” – the young Indian philosopher explained.

Given this interpretation, a “Mala Bead” or any “Mala”, is a means for one to channel their energy on a prayer, chant or mantra.

A letter from a loved one, a stone, even a picturesque scene can be your Mala,

so long as it speaks to your soul” he added – and just like that, “The Mala” came to be.


What Was The Main Intention While Initiating this Business

The friends started with one goal that holds true until today – making their clients happy in a one hour window; with that goal in mind, they carefully thought out every single detail that followed, carving out roles for themselves and learning as they go.

In only four years, The Mala clients became avid practitioners and some have even become certified instructors who now are The Mala Studio family members

The Studio hosted workshops with both Egyptian and international instructors, attracting clients in Egypt as well as from abroad. 

The Mala Studio also collaborates with Egyptian brands in order to deliver the best of what Egypt has to offer to their clients, from yoga mats to natural disinfectants. 

The Mala family has carefully handpicked instructors who are not only certified practitioners but who also represent the essence of the studio

Growing from 4 to 20 instructors, The Mala family is truly dedicated to sharing knowledge with clients as well as with one other. 

We support local initiatives and charities and aspire to continue using our platform not just to promote wellness, but also social responsibility” – The Mala family shares.


Who is The Mala Prospect Client

The Mala studio is open to clients of all levels throughout the week, catering to early birds, night owls, adventurous, and spontaneous clients as well as those who prefer a bit of

structure and routine in their lives. The Mala also offers private classes for both clients with special medical conditions and those who just prefer one-on-one sessions. 

Today, The Mala has also expanded into the virtual world, offering a range of online live classes, as well as specialized programs.