What started as a travel consultancy among friends who were passionate for travel, #YallaMasr has now become a trending ambition for experiencing Egypt. Driven by their eagerness to capture our nation’s hidden treasures, #YallaMasr gives Egyptians and visitors alike a candid, firsthand, and rejuvenated travel experience through unique photos and video shared across each participant’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

There’s more to the initiative, though, as #YallaMasr takes you through a sequence of locations and excursions throughout Egypt, highlighting the veiled corners that often get overlooked or go unnoticed. #YallaMasr covers the every day Cairene’s views of the pyramids (with some camel on the side), Khan al Khalili and bus rides through the city. But where we could all stand to be motivated by their journey is from their boat rides down the Nile, swimming and cliff jumping into Upper Egypt’s unspoiled waters, sailing the Red Sea to snorkel and dive some of the best coral reefs on the planet, and taking an awe inspiring sunrise hot air balloon ride over the desert. Their set itineraries provide you with the tools to make the most of your time in Egypt. Even if you’re a native, #YallaMasr will have you falling in love with Egypt all over again.

Taking us from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan to Hurghada, and an Egyptian wedding somewhere in between, here are some of our favorite #YallaMasr moments:

khan el khaliliA truly Egyptian experience, El Fishawy Cafè in Khan El Khalili

Alladin in Khan El Khalili

towerThe iconic Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower

Cairo cityscapes


The Pyramids should not be missed. Even by Egyptians.


Camel Ride @ the Pyramids

The #YallaMasr team in full spirit!

Exploring the Great Pyramids

soothing The soothing sounds of Egypt captured

anakatoHotel Anakato-Aswan, Egypt

Public Transportation in Nuba

nile nuba

 Capturing that Nile view

Nuba Nile Boat Ride

Vogue on the Nile


El Gouna Snokeling

Red Sea reefs


Summer Chillen in Gouna

El Gouna peace


Scenes in Luxor

Luxor Lounging


  Bonding at Karnak Temple

Walk Like an Egyptian

Luxor Exploring

Gazing at the Balloons

Sunrise hot air balloon experience

Balloons in the Sky

For more, follow the #YallaMasr hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to share your own Egypt moments too!