As I lay on my green hammock, gently swinging from side to side, I start to ponder in my thoughts about all the work that needs to get done. Almost instantly, another voice fights back and says, “This is both your home and your workplace. Feel free to switch at any given moment to which state you choose to be in.”

Running a business from home, despite its several benefits has one major drawback. It all comes down to how you practice self-discipline. Since after all you are your own boss, you therefore have given yourself the privilege to work at your own pace, deciding any day whether or not you’ll be speeding the process up or kicking it back a little. Mr. Anonymous won’t be chasing you anymore, so feel free to stop pretending to look busy while secretly beating your own score in a game of Snake.

When it comes to running your own business from home, you will come up with thousand excuses of why today just doesn’t seem like a good day to work. Maybe we really did need that week off due to incredible mood swings. Maybe it’s the broken heart from what he/she did five years ago, and now just seems like the perfect time to think about it. Perhaps it’s the economical slide Egypt is in, even the size of those “Twinkies” have shrunk.

So how do you manage your business without slacking behind?

  • Give time to building your name and maintaining the business

Fact is, this will take some time from you. Building the business, creating an image for it, and for your name to actually be recognisable throughout town will need patience from your side. Once your name gets known, indeed you do have every right to reward yourself with some time off, but be aware that success comes with responsibility.

Maintaining your name and making sure that your business will keep on thriving are part of the hard work process. Moving up the ladder is a whole lot easier than keeping your business up. This is no doubt a responsibility that comes with a sense of gratitude, that you moved up nonetheless.

  • Minimize dependence on employees

When you think about it, depending on employees might be the main reason of why we might get sleep paralysis or a contraction of nerves. Running your own business from home does free us of this dependency. But its all related to the kind of business itself and what’s needed, so one employee or a little elf wouldn’t hurt.

The whole idea is in creating an environment where it’s manageable, less traffic in the same place, and the role of whoever is easily identified. Of course being a lone wolf may indeed be the best option after all for several anyhow.

  • Make sure your home doesn’t become work

It’s very important that you try to balance out your work so that home doesn’t become work. At times it is necessary to be married to the work for a little while, but do create the space necessary that is work free within your home environment. In other words; documents, bills…etc. don’t need to be scattered around your bedroom, this is when you know that home is officially work. Only you are familiar with the environment at your place, so create the memories that wouldn’t make the idea of returning home a dreadful idea. As long as home is not radioactive, you are in a good place.

  • Nourish your own assets

Running your own business from home will undoubtedly reveal assets within yourself. The patient, committed, creative and ambitious aspects of you will surface. You are your own boss, you work at your pace like you would in an online course and you get to remove the formality and replace it with originality.

Holidays will always be there if you put the footwork into creating a firm foundation from the business at home first. If you dread the work, try motivating yourself by placing a plane ticket on your mirror or fridge, that will constantly remind you of how you’ll reward yourself. Inevitably that day will come sooner than expected when the ticket is no longer on the fridge but in your hands.

Bottom line is, indeed it’s an advantage that you get to choose your own holiday, but a holiday well deserved comes from work well earned. Shutting down your business temporarily for a vacation is definitely within your reach, but do remember to actually return from that vacation.