We’re on to you Maged El-Kedwany! We’re finally revealing the secret mission that broke the internet a few days ago. #MissionA featuring Maged El-Kedwany, Yasmine Sabry and Asser Yasin left us really excited, trying to guess what this teaser was all about. Now we finally know!

It’s none other than SAMSUNG!

Our beloved trifecta are on a #GalaxyMissionA that can only be solved using Samsung Galaxy A7. It doesn’t end there though, we can’t help but notice the supporting role that the Gear Icon X and Gear S3 are playing. We would love to get our hands on one of those!

We caught a glimpse of the new features of the Galaxy A7. While we’re no tech freaks, we can’t help but swoon over the water resistant phone, with a 16MP front camera, and an external memory that goes up to 256GB!

Samsung is on a mission, raising the bar for new phones and ads, although we feel like this is more of a short movie than an ad! 

Well done Samsung, you’ve done it once again. Watching the action packed scenes over and over and over again was definitely worth it!