I am going to give you a glimpse of what my routine is to maintain or lose weight while I’m fasting. Now being fit and healthy has many contributing factors and they are all intertwined, but I’ll give you a few points to pay attention to.

1. First and foremost be realistic with your goals and time

Do not stress yourself trying to be at every event or gathering you’re invited to, you’re not a superhero and being everything to everyone is exhausting, just be yourself and only do what feels right only to you. This month should be for you to reflect, reassess, connect with yourself and tune in, think of it as a reboot for every aspect of your life. Remember to take time for yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup and if you’re not feeling well or when you’re sick nobody feels your pain but you. So put your health first. 

2. If done consciously fasting will benefit you spiritually, mentally,  physically, emotionally and financially etc…

It’s no secret that fasting has an immense amount of benefits. But many of us hinder those benefits by being mindless and consuming a whole weeks worth of food in one sitting, not consuming nutrient-dense meals, we stop exercising, we indulge in too many fried and sweet foods and the list goes on. I am inviting you to maximize the benefits and try not to negate the work you’ve put in all day. 

A few things I keep in mind:

  • Staying hydrated,
  • Getting quality sleep
  • Staying away from fried foods
  • Avoiding too many sweets
  • Having healthy fats
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • Not inhaling your food when you break your fast and chew your food well
  • Try to squeeze in some naps

In order to fast, you must have discipline so if you have discipline during the 16 hours. I am positive that you can continue to carry that discipline for the remainder of the night. 

My Ramadan Routine

  • I typically break my fast with a Protein shake and dates and some other hydrating fruit. I do make a hearty shake. I then workout. I have my meal after my workout. You want to nourish your body especially since it’s been detoxing itself not add junk to it. 
  • I workout 6 times a week and each day I work on different muscle groups. Remember legs are the biggest muscle group in your body, so when you workout your legs it helps with getting leaner.  


3. Listen to your body

If I’ve had a stressful day, I will have to change my workout to a restorative workout Yoga, stretching, brisk walk, deep breathing, so that I can calm my nervous system down. Intense workouts release adrenaline/ cortisol but because of my stressful day I’ve already had that being released, so it’s not wise for me to release more cortisol into my system, it’ll typically cause a craving for unhealthy foods and of course weight gain.

If I’m feeling relaxed and didn’t have a very stressful day I will definitely do legs. Hip thrusts, squats, lunges and deadlifts, then a core workout and some light cardio to calm my nervous system and of course finish off with deep breathing (which means) breathing from your diaphragm. 

My workouts always include a warm up and cool down.


4Once you start moving make sure you keep hydrated

Your body needs proper hydration, so your muscles don’t cramp and also when you start moving your sugar level drops, so add some minerals and lemon to your water or if you have BCAAs. You can alternatively have a sports drink that doesn’t have junk ingredients. 

Aside from my vitamin supplements I also take my creatine and glutamine to help with my performance and recovery. 


5. Set smart goals

Your goals don’t have to be “going to the gym every day”, relax, eat well and if you can’t make it to a gym it’s okay, it’s 2018, you’ve got endless ways to look up at home exercises (the internet, Youtube, The Daily Crisp). Make sure to include resistance bands in your at-home workout so you make it that much better. Finish it off by going for a walk around your neighborhood. Just keep moving don’t be sedentary, our bodies are designed to move.


Ultimately consistency is the key to accomplishing anything, make exercising apart of your routine. Don’t sell yourself short you’ve put in the majority of the work during your 16-hour fast. 

At the end of the day, we aren’t aiming to be perfect, we just want to adopt healthier habits and know more about our body. The body and brain – their function and design are so fascinating to me, I invite you to be in tune with your body and mind, feel them, learn about them and explore what you’re capable of.