By now we’re used to seeing styles off the runway make their way into a long list of fashion and beauty trends for that year. A simple google search will give you a list of 2018 fashion and beauty trends. With it, comes the many brands that follow these trends falling into a somewhat stereotypical manner. This year, one particular brand caught our attention for breaking the stereotype and creating a trend of their own. In celebration of their 120th anniversary, Schwarzkopf are redefining beauty standards with their latest #createyourstyle. campaign.

120 years ago, Hans Schwarzkopf laid the foundations for what became an international brand that stands for quality, reliability, expertise and innovation. Schwarzkopf, Henkel Beauty Care’s largest brand, generates revenue of approximately € 2 billion (2016) in over 60 markets worldwide, in branded consumer goods and the professional hair salon industry. Its brands include hair colorants like Palette and Color Expert, as well as hair care and styling brands like Schauma, Gliss Kur, Taft and got2b.

This year, instead of promoting the latest trends and beauty ideals, Schwarzkopf are promoting individuality, empowerment and confidence. The #createyourstyle campaign aims to empower people to express themselves, let their own personality shine through and give them the confidence to create their own individual look. As beauty ideals change, Schwarzkopf are supporting the move towards personal expression, self-love and celebrating individuality.


Schwarzkopf has been a prominent brand in providing the hair expertise and innovation to showcase personality, confidence and fashion. Schwarzkopf’s mission is to support new and diverse expressions of beauty and self. The #createyourstyle campaign is about style as a reflection – of moods, moments and celebrations – rather than rigid rules. “People do not want to follow beauty stereotypes anymore. Schwarzkopf gives them the right solution to create the best version of themselves, and feel confident in all moments of their lives”, says Marie-Ève Schroeder, Corporate Senior Vice President International Marketing Henkel Beauty Care.

For the very first time, the brand will take its inspiration entirely from individuals and natural beauty, and not from catwalk trends. As a pioneer in hair, Schwarzkopf is also changing hair photography, by leading in fairer and better representation, and avoiding the excessive photo re-touching and post-production work that we’re used to seeing.

This game-changing campaign, promotes Schwarzkopf’s by collaborating with brand ambassadors all over the world, ranging from influencers, models to members of diverse communities. Among the many faces that support Schwarzkops, is Egyptian fashion and beauty icon, Hadia Ghaleb who was invited to attend Schwarzkopf’s 120 years event in Berlin as one of the key and leading influencers within the region.

Schwarzkopf has two products in Egypt, Gliss and Palette. Since 2010, Gliss has been dominant in the Egyptian market; their latest products, Intense Therapy, delivers long- lasting beautiful hair quality, even when exposed to frequent heat, styling or coloring! Their other product, Palette, has also built a trust-worthy name around the globe when it comes to hair coloring. Palette offers a wide range of intensive, long-lasting, luxurious, sensual or gentle caring natural colors to suit each individual’s style. Their new intensive color cream with Ultimate Keratin Complex strengthens the hair and deeply infuses high intensity color into each hair strand.