Facebook groups have developed a social life of their own. In Egypt, Facebook groups have become a platform for support groups, businesses, online shopping, movements for a good cause, and so much more. During the past year, a few groups have taken over the scene and stood out from the thousands of groups that we scroll across every day.

We talked to Shereen Khaled, Founder of the renowned Facebook group Gather Up,  to tell us how she manages her group, her family and how she created a business out of a Facebook Group!

Tell Us About Your Facebook Group ‘Gather Up’, Why Did You Create It?

I created Gather Up (GU) as a way of helping others, we started off as a small group of people who decided to create a community that includes all the people who live around us. Many of the new people who move to the area, or people who already live there are always looking for a new dry cleaner, electrician, carpenter and so on so I decided to create a platform to bring us all together in order to make our lives easier. It’s also a platform for businesses to promote their products and services by creating special offers for everyone around them.

GU is a closed group with a community of ladies only. We all know each other and anyone who joins must have common friends in the group, to keep the group genuine and connected. We meet up every once in a while so you get to know common faces of people around you.

It’ a powerful group because of the people in it.

What pushed you to transition from a (Social) Facebook group to a business?
The people. They wanted something they could have and hold through which they would benefit. So we created the GU card. You get discounts that can be up to 3x the actual price of the card.

How many service providers do you have on the card now?

We are constantly adding businesses to the card, but right now we have around 200 service providers around Sheikh Zayed. Some of them have other branches around Cairo and the cards are valid in the other branches as well. The Card has vendors from a wide range of services including jewelry, catering services, hospitals, travel agencies, restaurants, spas and more. You can check the full list here

How Do You Manage To Separate Your Time On Facebook From family time?

At first, it was hard to get organized due to having kids and trying to manage the card as well as my family and personal life so I decided to manage my time fairly to give everyone the right amount of attention. I work from 9-3, and once my kids are back from school I am no longer working and that time is theirs. I have a small team that handles the work from there on and I check them the next day. We now also have a page for the GU card.

My small team includes both my sister and husband who play a very important role in all of this. They were the ones who encouraged me to start this business from the beginning.

Where Is The GU Card Being Sold and How Much Is It Selling For?

The card is for EGP 250 and is currently being sold at zinnia flowers, Ruffles house & laser Home only.



Check out the Gather Up membership card website here to order your own card and find a list of all the current vendors.