“I do not want my daughter to be a bride, I want to see her happy,” Stated Shereen Reda while appearing with TV show host Lamis El Hadeedy, when asked whether she wished to see her 27 year-old daughter get married soon. This statement, alongside the rest of her bold statements on marriage caused an online buzz.

In a country where most mothers would rather see their daughters as brides more than anything, the acclaimed actress’ statements are a breath of fresh air. “I cannot belittle all of my daughter’s academic achievements and tell her to put it all aside and go get married,” she continued as she described how her daughter, Nour, has managed to study biology, business & sign language as well as getting her master’s degree in marketing.

“We do not need more people to get married and give birth in our nation. We need people to innovate and work hard,” said Reda suggesting that one’s life should not revolve around getting married and starting a family, but rather, around advancing in their careers.

When asked whether she regrets getting married young, Reda disagreed stating that she does not regret her life choices. “This is what made me who I am now and this is what gave me my daughter Nour,” she replied. She would, however, advise anyone who wants to get married young against the matter. Urging your children to get married at an early age is to Reda “an outdated school of thought” that we all need to evolve from.

On an ending note, we are glad to see one of our most loved celebrities express such refreshing statements publicly. It is about time we all realized that marriage and child birth are not mandatory life decisions that everyone needs to make, but rather an optional route one can take in life. It is about time we started seeing parents pressure their daughters into succeeding in their careers rather than into winning the race towards the aisle.