Having started her career in the spotlight at the mere age of 11 years old, Shereen Reda was and still remains to be an icon of beauty and grace in Egypt. Her beauty is a force to be reckoned with nation-wide, with women eager to find out how she keeps her skin so youthful and glowing. Reda’s effortless gorgeous skin and fit physique werent the only things that struck us, but rather her kind heart and love for humanity that radiated the whole room as we sat down for an exclusive interview with her. She spilled her beauty secrets on how she takes care of her skin, her health and her wellbeing! Ladies, take note as we reveal Reda’s six beauty secrets:

1. Food Is The Best Anti-Aging Secret 

Naturally, the first question we asked Shereen Reda was about her beauty secret…
It’s food. It’s basically what you put inside you.
My mother was a ballerina who always took good care of her figure and her health. Ever since I was a little girl, she instilled this idea of “eat healthy and don’t eat rubbish” within me and it stuck. Ever since, if I want to eat anything, I always opt for homemade, natural and clean… even on the days I want to eat french fries, I make them at home.

I’ve been a vegetarian for a very long time, I never really liked eating meat or chicken but I indulged occasionally. But when I saw the torture that they go through to become food, I refused to be a part of this torture. I refused to have an active hand in this tortuous process. These animals live their whole lives being pumped with hormones and antibiotics so that they can be killed in the end. If we stop and ask ourselves; what are we eating really? We’re eating sadness and we’re eating pain from this animal. The meat, the cheese, and the milk, its all sad and this is why the world has changed, I believe.  I am against animal cruelty, in all its forms. The way animals are brought up in tiny cages, then killed, packaged, shipped to supermarkets, assigned an expiry date and then thrown out. It’s barbaric and I refuse to be a part of this.

2.  Follow the French ‘3-Bites Rule’

I don’t eat a lot of bread and when I do I eat it in the morning with my fuul or falafel, but never for lunch or dinner. My breakfast is always a big meal. I’m a firm believer of the saying that goes “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.” But, it’s not always like that, I believe the key is moderation. Last night, for example, at 3 am I had a grilled cheese sandwich, it’s all about balance at the end of the day. I don’t deprive myself from anything, and I don’t end up overeating. This is my idea of a balanced diet, I don’t follow a traditional diet, I just minimize my portions and if I ever crave something sweet I will have a bite. I like to follow the French ‘3-Bites Rule,’ if you’re craving something, have 3 bites of it and then leave it. Three bites are more than enough to satisfy you.
Eating clean, healthy food has become a second nature to me. If I’m sitting at home, I never order take out. If I want pizza, I make my own.

Sherine Reda’s Simple Recipe For Homemade Pizza:
Balady bread, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, put it in the oven until the cheese is melted.

3. Always Squeeze In Fitness Within Your Day

I never go to the gym, I workout at home. When I’m sitting around the house, or just watching TV I tend to try and stay active and do some exercises. So for example, while watching TV I’ll just suddenly drop down and plank or do leg exercises while sitting on the couch. I’m always moving. I also try to do a lot of yoga at home, on my own.

4. Only Wash Your Face With Water

I take care of my skin. I never ever sleep with my makeup on no matter how dead I am.
My advice is, forget about the expensive products that temporarily make your skin soft and focus on the long run. I use a facial cream called ‘Atoderm’, that I get from the pharmacy; it doesn’t have alcohol so it’s a
very basic moisturizing cream. I’ve been using it for the past 10 years.

Unless I have makeup on, I wash my face with just water. If I have makeup on I use Baby Johnson foaming cleanser. In my opinion, water is the best thing for my skin. I don’t use a lot of products, just a moisturizer and a cleanser if I have make up on, my routine consists mostly of water.
When my skin is dry, I don’t dry it completely from water and I apply ‘Atoderm’. I also use Eva cream – it is amazing – I alternate between both these creams. As for my body, when I shower I don’t dry myself and I put baby oil, but I don’t do this every single day just every once in a while.

5. Give Yourself Permission To Be Selfish When It Comes to Sleep

Sleep is very important. No matter when, I will get my sleep in. Even if it’s from 9am-9pm I will manage to sleep properly everyday as it’s very important your health.

6th Secret For A Peaceful Life… don’t allow anyone to suck the life and happiness out of you and never stay in an unhealthy marriage for the sake of kids or society. You only live once so try and make the best out of it. We are all made up of energy, so it’s such a waste of energy to spend your life according to someone else’s idea of what happiness is. Happiness isn’t what you have or what you do; it’s about being content with whatever you do even if it’s little. I sometimes spend two weeks in my apartment but I’m content and that’s what matters. Go for a drive at night when there isn’t traffic, put on some music, just be content with the little things. Things don’t have to cost money to be nice.

Photo Credit : All Photos Were Taken From Shereen Reda’s Official Facebook Page