Sherine Arafa has become a sensation with her videos that have us laughing our hearts out at how funny and utterly relatable they are. We were especially amused by her video about the Five Types Of People Trying To Lose Weight (If you haven’t seen it already you need to watch it now!)

What’s even more interesting is that Sherine has her own personal story behind this video. Sherine’s story is an inspiring one; it starts with a struggle for weight gain, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Pregnancy can be the most beautiful of times, and if you take care of yourself there really is nothing more beautiful and vibrant than a pregnant woman’s glow. Unfortunately, all this beauty can sometimes come with a downside to some; lots and lots of weight gain. This was the case for Sherine who gained a total of 45 kilograms during her pregnancy. After giving birth, Sherine only lost 5 kilograms which spiraled into depression and knee problems due to the excessive weight she had gained.

Sherine was determined to lose the weight she had put on and so she signed herself up and started doing a weight loss program called the Dukan Diet, which is a three-phase diet that consists mainly of protein and vegetables (which meant extremely limited carb intake and no fruits). Sherine followed her diet for 4 months and lost around 15 kilograms. Following that Sherine was still determined to lose the rest of the weight and so she did what a lot of people in her position would do, she started doing any and every fad diet she stumbled across, from starving herself to doing every 3-day diet she found online, Sherine was determined to try them all. As determined as she was to do anything to lose weight, Sherine drew the line when it came to working out, she completely rejected the idea and refused to even try working out.

Fast forward 2 years of yo-yo dieting and extreme starvation, Sherine finally decided that it was time to give working out a try and slowly but surely she started including sports into her lifestyle. After starting to work out, Sherine saw how much it helped her, which led to her following a healthier diet and leading a healthier lifestyle ( she eats all types of foods except for meat and chicken – which she feels is a healthier diet for her).

Even though Sherine is extremely proud of how far she has come and the determination that led her to lose weight, she still looks in the mirror sometimes and not feel fully satisfied. This is why at the end of the day, she feels like,“anyone can go about starving themselves for two months and dropping a nice 5 dress sizes. I for one did that. But looking back at the journey, I see how I could have made it a much more sustainable one. I now believe that the journey needs to start within; it is a journey of self-love, acceptance, and self-acceptance. Finding one’s happy routine, one’s passion, and one’s acceptance of reality, and gratitude of all he/she is. That is how I should have started my quest, rather than stapling my jaws together, and still looking in the mirror today, 35 kilos less, and being unable to reach inner peace and satisfaction. You are beautiful, you are perfect, and you are enough…start there.”