How many times have you wished that life came with a manual? You know, a manual that tells you what to do at the times you most need advice and no one seems to be able to help you. I know I have wished for it at least 20 times in the past few months. Obviously it doesn’t exist, but if I were to create one for women, it would have this listed in the top five tips: attend a belly dancing class. Yes a shik-shak-shok, move your hips class.

This all happened by coincidence of course, and-as they say-the best things in life are free. After a very long, hectic day (day that had turned into months, if we’re being honest) between juggling two kids, a home, a career and life’s own speed bumps, that day just needed to end. My sister called me to say she had a free pass for a class at a new dance studio that just opened up in Galleria 40. Now, imagine having one of those days when all you want to do is crawl under a cozy blanket and sleep your troubles away and here is your sister telling you to go attend a “fake henna party”, or so I thought.

I ended up putting on my running shoes, workout clothes and met her at the new Slimnastics Studio location. As we approached the studio, we could hear the beat of the music and feel the positive electricity the place has to it. Just before entering, the belly dancing instructor introduced herself, and this is where it all began.

“Hi, I’m Nina the belly dancing instructor”. Nina looked very professional, athletic and well put together. After our introduction I ended up asking her how long she had been an instructor, and her answer amazed the hell out of me; “Well I have been a life coach for the past 12 years and having dealt with so many different clients, mostly females, I would always recommend that they attend a belly dancing class, because its the fastest way that any woman can get out of her worst mood in only 60 minutes.”

The feedback that she would get from her clients was so amazing that she thought to herself, ‘Well why don’t I become a belly dancing instructor?’. And the woman did just that, for six years now. Life coach by day, belly dancing instructor by night.

I walked into the class already motivated to be taught some new moves by this exceptional woman. I won’t tell you exactly what happened there, because well, “every woman should attend a belly dancing class”, like Nina said. But let me tell you that no, it’s not a henna party, it’s truly the art of belly dancing (but with all the fun and excitement of a henna party). It has got to be the most fun and motivational fitness class that I have ever attended, and the fastest mood booster and stress reliever. The best part is that she uses her life coaching skills throughout the class, through her belly dancing moves (imagine that!).

So, it really is true; “‘No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”, because you might just end up in a place that is the beginning of a new mindset for your happiness. I now look forward to every Tuesday night for Nina’s class. A big thanks to my baby sister who insisted on taking me to the class. Love you, baby girl xx.