Girls with acne-prone skin are in constant battles with themselves. They barely win a battle over one pimple, just to find another one about to form. This is the vicious cycle they live in trying to achieve clear complexions and still not getting the results they want. Some women just give up and start to accept the harsh reality; while some others are “no quitters”. Personally, I consider myself-as a makeup artist- from the “no quitters” gang; as it is very important for both my self-esteem in general as well as my career in particular to live with healthy and clear skin.

With this in mind, I completely transformed my life in terms of my eating and personal habits. Here are some of my newly acquired habits that have yielded great results in my non-ending battle with acne:

  • Don’t use a towel on your face. It is a harbor of bacteria and will keep transferring built-up of oils and dirt to every pore. Using disposable round cotton pads to dry your face is way more hygienic.
  • Change your pillow cases every two days. Dandruff, dead skin, oils and dirt keep accumulating on our pillows every single night, so changing them frequently is a must.
  • Wipe your cell phone every day with anti-bacterial wipes to prevent built up of foundation and sweat on the screen from clogging your pores.
  • Clean your makeup brushes once every week. Girls who apply makeup with dirty brushes are transferring billions of microscopic organisms to their delicate faces. This popular unhygienic habit is the number one cause of acne worldwide.
  • Disinfect your hands before starting your skincare routine. Applying your skincare with dirty hands will clog your pores and contaminate your cream containers.
  • Keep your hair off your face as much as possible.
  • Keep your hands completely off your face.
  • Don’t be tempted to pop your pimples. Leave until it dries out and heals on its own.
  • Don’t do sports with foundation on. Sweat and foundation will block your pores and cause acne.
  • Drinking lots of water will help detoxify your body and eventually release all the acne-causing bacteria from your systems.
  • Take Zinc Supplements. Girls with acne have zinc deficiency. Taking a reasonable dose of zinc supplements daily will help elevate the problem.
  • Take your facial wash inside the shower. Washing your face with your facial wash after you finish your shower will clean off the face of any shampoo or conditioner residue which can irritate the skin.
  • Always opt for oil-free skin care and makeup.
  • Keep your carbs and sugar at extremely low levels. Acne-causing bacteria thrive on sugar and by decreasing your blood sugar levels you are actually starving them and killing them off.

Keep all these habits in mind and be consistent with them to achieve results. Exercising self-control as well as discipline when it comes to skin care will yield outstanding results on the long-run.