Snapchat released a new feature over the past week; as usual it took the snap world by storm. But this time, the new feature wasn’t another favorite dog-ears filter, it was ‘Snap Map.’ For those who haven’t seen it yet, ‘Snap Map’ is a new feature that uses geo-location to allow your friends to see your exact location on the map and lets you see exactly where they are too. So basically, Snapchat just took the whole concept of ‘stalking’ to a completely new and dangerous level. By zooming out on the camera, a map of the area you are in pops up and cartoon characters that represent your friends start popping up to show you where each one is. While it may seem fun at first, reality kicks in when you realize that your friends can also stalk you back.

When setting up ‘Snap Map’ you can choose to use Ghost Mode, which means that your location will not be visible on the map but you can still see where your friends are. There’s also an added feature, where you can upload your snaps to a local story and everyone in that area can view it. So you basically send out your location to an additional number of strangers too.













If you haven’t yet updated Snapchat or were unaware of this new feature, open the app and make sure that you are on ghost mode. Protecting your location is very serious and you should make sure that you do not allow any application to access your location unless there is a valid reason too.

Allowing ‘Snap Maps’ to work on your phone will allow your friends on Snapchat to see which school you’re at, where your house is located, where you go out, who you’re with … There is so much room for danger and trouble, especially among kids. Parents need to make sure that their kids are kept safe and small updates like this can quickly put their kids at risk.

Watch below how one mother and her daughter explain Snap Maps, why you absolutely need to make sure your phone or your kids’ phone is on Ghost Mode and all the possible risks associated with this new update.


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