Quotes, Quotes, Quotes Everywhere!

Many of us get highly affected by quotes that are not entirely “accurate” or “fit”for our current circumstances, which may result in having a negative impact on our lives. 

Well,  not every quote we read is meant for us nor is it necessary to live by it. Some quotes just make us question everything, they make us seek perfection, and leave us unsatisfied with what we actually have and the results we get.  

This is exactly why I believe quotes should act mostly as a mood booster to motivate us and make us feel powerful, most importantly, make us feel REAL.  

So here’s my personal list of some of the quotes I believe are not only not meant to live by, but  may also have a negative impact on our subconscious minds as well.


1. “It Is Better to Be Feared Than Loved If You Cannot Be Both.”

Niccolo Machiavelli

Okay, this may be a suitable “leadership style” for some people working in certain places to make sure issues and conflicts are avoided; however, this quote is definitely not meant to be shared and used as an excuse for behaving violently or aggressively assaulting one another. A BIG NO!

No matter what the situation is, we should always focus on spreading Love and helping one another. 


2. “Be Careful Who You Make Memories With. Those Things Can Last a Lifetime.” 

Ugo Eze

Breaking News! “Life Comes With NO Guarantees.”

It’s totally fine if to make memories with people without being entirely sure they would be there in the future or that this friendship/relationship is going to last a lifetime.

In truth, nothing is meant to last forever. I mean, no matter how hurtful/painful it may seem to make memories that are “not meant to keep”, it seems as though this step remains an essential one for our personal development and evolution.  


3. “You Know You’re In Love When You Can’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.” 

Dr. Seuss

Oh, do I now see girls fighting with their partners because they made them sleep with tears in their eyes?  

The idea of spending sleepless nights due to painfully being in Love is one of the most famous scenes portraying the idea of “Love” in most of the famous romantic movies out there.

I mean, this quote is indeed conveying a romantic idea as well; however, no one said this should be the case with everyone and most importantly we should by now recognize that life is not supposed to be that “perfect” all the time.  


With this being said, I would totally recommend each and everyone to evaluate and do a quick reality check on the quote we come across before believing in them and deliberately let them impact the course of our lives in any way.