When we mention cleaning, what usually pops to our mind is the typical process of using detergents and tools to remove dust and stains. Have you ever thought that there’s more in your space that needs to be thoroughly cleansed?

Yes, there is. I’m talking about Negative Energy, Negative Thoughts, and Negative Emotions. Our homes can get “energetically” contaminated either by our own negative thoughts or emotions, the ones we release all that time or by what others may project on us; walls can’t stop the energy, so all sort of negative releases of neighbors or visitors can easily contaminate our space. So, how can we get rid of those?


Old Is Gold

Are you familiar with the commonly practiced habit of burning incense on Fridays? Or cleaning the house mirrors with white vinegar? Perhaps you also ran into one of those “Salt Tossing” traditions in weddings or baby showers?

All these practices are sourced from the ancient wisdom of our elders. They believed in the effect of negative energy on our lives, and how despite we don’t see it, it’s inevitably around us.

Here are 3 easy and powerful space cleaning techniques that can dramatically shift the energy of your house.

  • Granulated Salt and Vinegar

  1. Salt has an amazingly powerful effect on negative energy. It simply absorbs it and destroys it. And that explains why in many cultures salt has been used throughout history to protect from “Evil Eye”, which is basically a projection of negative energy.
  2. Put small pots of salt in the corners of your rooms, leave for 48 hours, then later flush the used salt down the toilet. Or fill a pot (to be used only for this cleansing technique and never used again for serving food) with water, add a handful of salt to it, and give it an order to absorb the negative energies in your room. Leave it for 24 hours, then flush it down the toilet. And yes you can talk to water!
  3. You could also do a strong energy cleansing combo by adding salt and white vinegar to the water you use in mopping your bathroom and kitchen floors or cleaning your mirrors. Vinegar is also very effective in eliminating negative energies.
  4. And since we mentioned mirrors, I must point out that they are among the most mysterious objects as they have the ability to absorb the energy of people and situations in the spaces where they are hanged. Regularly clean your mirrors, especially second-hand ones.


  • Spiny Cactus

Sadly, spiny cactus has been misjudged by many people, especially since here in Egypt it’s commonly planted in cemeteries, so it’s mentally associated with grief and death.

Well did you know that this beautiful spiny plant is one of the most powerful negative energy eliminators? And the more spines the cactus has the stronger is its effect.  Its strategy is very simple; it attracts the negative energies in the place, and with the help of the pokes of its sharp spines it makes them disintegrate.  All you have to do is place a beautiful cactus in your space, and every few days, give it a little amount of water, and in return nicely ask it to clear your space from any negative energies, and then thank it in advance.


  • Burning Sandal Incense and Sage

Sandalwood and sage are the gift of the Earth to us to deeply clean and purify our space and ourselves from negative energies, thoughts, and emotions.  This practice is also known as “Smudging”.

The scientific explanation of this practice is that it purifies the air by killing the existing bacteria in the space. The holistic one is that the smoke produced by burning these plants contains invisible “beings of light” that by invoking their help, they clear the space of all negative energies. Follow whatever explanation that makes more sense to you, just do the burning and purify your space.  Both sage and sandalwood can be found at any herbs store around Egypt.

Note: The Egyptian word for sage is Marmareya.

Now, how to smudge your space?

First, open the windows and make sure fresh air can enter the room. Then hold your lit incense stick (preferably more than one), or a pot of fast burning charcoal covered with sage (careful not to burn your hands), enter the room you want to cleanse and walk around it clockwise with the smoky plants. Make sure to blow the smoke towards the walls and the ceiling. Also, pay special attention to the windows and doors frames. Once done, keep the windows open till you feel the smoke is all gone, close your windows, and enjoy the new fresh and calming energy of your space.


With many beautiful festivals around the corner; Coptic Easter, Sham El Nessim, Ramadan, followed by Eid, many of us are already sparkle cleaning our houses. Let’s go that extra mile and get rid of all unwanted energies around us.


Pro Tip: Add some orange peels and a couple of cinnamon sticks to a pot of boiling water, and your kitchen will smell like a meadow.

Happy festivals!

Image Credit: Parsons/Getty