As a parent, you don’t just pass on genes to your children. Whether you want them to or not, your kids will pick up your good and bad habits. So make them good, all good, and teach your children some well-being habits that they can carry along with them long after you can carry them.

Eating is Fun
In a culture full of fast food and microwavable dinners, getting your kids to eat healthy may seem impossible. One of the best things you can do is to never teach your kids that mealtime is a chore. Always involve them as much as possible in food preparation, setting the table, and don’t ever spoon feed them. Teach them variety, colour, textures and allow them to explore food for themselves as much as possible. Yes, there will be a messy table at the end of it but it’s totally worth it for the self exploration and healthy eating you will be passing along to your child. Kids learn more through their faults.

Love Genuinely
Emotional health is definitely underrated in our country because we have a pill for everything, but this is something you can teach your children right from the very start. Teaching them to have deep, intentional relationships with people will help them in their personal and professional life from a young age up until they are much, much taller and older than you. Teach them to love you, the rest of their family, and their friends as well.

Aim Big
As a parent you should be the main source of encouragement for your child. Whether your child wants to build a fort in your living room or make a dress out of bin bags, encourage their idea and help them reach it. And if they fail teach them to try again and aim even bigger next time. However wacky their idea may be, support them and help them come closer to that goal. Don’t crush them with reality unless you really, really must.

Appreciate the Outdoors
No one can deny that we are in an era where our five year olds are better at using their iPhones than we are, an unavoidable reality which comes with its ups and downs. Try to limit technology at a young age and create some habits in your kids that will help them to love being outside. Show them how fun it can be to run around outside and they will develop habits of appreciating the outdoors. Apart from getting some fresh air, this will also teach your children to value exercise and physical activity, which is a must for being healthy as an adult.

Stand Out, Don’t Fit In
People who make it in life are always different, creative, and crafty. Teach your child that not fitting in is a good thing. Each person has their own identity and they should never compromise or give that up because they don’t ‘fit in’. Teach your child to love their own personality and to stand out so that they can be healthy and appreciate other personalities.