Spring is finally here and that means we’re all about that healthy glow. It’s one of the best ways to show off how protected sun exposure is healthy to your skin. Since most of us resort to getting that look through our makeup, we’ve decided to tell you how you can go bare face and still have that glow.

Here are the steps for you to rock the dewy glowing skin look this spring/summer. It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3.


Step 1: Hydrate like Your Life Depends on It

Because you simply can’t expect to get a natural dewy glow with dried up skin. The word “dew” is the name given to tiny water droplets that appear when water condenses on anything out in the open. You literally need water to form dew. This means to achieve the dewy glow you need to make sure you’re drinking your body’s required intake of water. Here’s a way to find out how much water you need every day for healthy glowing skin. A dewy glow loves Water, so should you.


Step 2: Run an Ice Cube on Your Face

I know we’re talking about water but in a different form but it’s just necessary for that gorgeous glow we’re all looking for. This step is great for your skin as the cool surface of the ice cube helps boost circulation in your face giving it a brighter look. The coolness will also soothe oncoming pimples, reduce swelling and banish puffy eyes and the best part is that it tightens your pores. So your skin will feel smoother as your pores won’t be as open.


Step 3: Use Vichy Mineral 89

This routine should have been 6 steps but because Vichy Mineral 89 actually does the job of 3 different products, you can achieve the dewy glow in just 3. Adding this serum right after you rub your face with an ice cube will feel heavenly.

Mineral 89 is a highly hydrating product with 89% of its formula being Vichy Mineral thermal water. It’s one of the highest Hyaluronic Acid containing products in the market right now. It replaces the need for a hydrating mist, a moisturizing serum, and a moisturizer as well. So you get the effect of 3 different products in this one bottle.


It Helps to Fortify Your Skin

By containing Vichy Thermal Water with the highest concentration ever (89% ), Mineral 89 gives the skin instant deep hydrating power and the anti-oxidants it contains which help the face fight against internal and external aggressions. This will help protect your skin and its glow, so nothing can dim it no matter rain or shine.


It’ll Deeply Hydrate Your Skin

It’ll help keep wrinkles at bay, deeply hydrating your skin at its core with its impressive hydration power. This helps restore your skin’s elasticity while creating a shield to help it fight against aggression. This is the hydration needed to sustain your skin along the day and keep it glowing from day to night as Mineral 89’s effect lasts 24 hours.


It Plumps Your Skin

Thanks to the high percentage of Hyaluronic acid in Mineral 89, your skin will be highly quenched as the Hyaluronic acid molecule can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. So this means your skin will retain the water you just drank and the moisture you gave it by applying this serum before your skincare routine.


That’s it! That’s all you need for glowing skin that would make even the Greek goddesses themselves jealous. Applying Mineral 89 will actually do so much more than giving you hydrated glowing skin. It protects you from pollution, helps reduce the damages of smoking and so much more. Here’s how this product loves your skin in so many ways.


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