The best time of the year is knocking hard on our doors. However, thanks to the humidity and heat, problems like our makeup not staying in place, our eyeliners melting or even our overall complexions turning extremely oily arise more often than we’d like. As a makeup artist, I’m sharing with you my tips for avoiding all these summer beauty issues and to look as good as you can all season long.

Since our faces turn extremely oily trying to accommodate the heat and the humidity, the best way to stop oil in its tracks is to blot your faces with powder instead of foundation. This way you ensure that your face will not turn oily and your makeup will stay in its place.

Cream Blush
Cream blushes tend to stay on longer than powder blushes. They can even stay on perfectly if you decide to go swimming as well. They won’t get blotchy and they will give you the most natural flush ever.

Waterproof Eyeliner
Next time you are out shopping for an eyeliner make sure that it says “waterproof”. Wearing waterproof eyeliners will prevent them from melting – no matter what. Whether you tear up a lot, your lids turn oily with the heat or you go swimming, waterproof eyeliner is truly long-lasting.

Colored Eyeliners
Always opt for fresh looking, vibrant colored eyeliners in the summer and take this chance to have a break from black or brown as they’re mostly winter colors. Shades of blue, green, purple and bronze will go very well with your tan and any eye color.

Transparent Mascara
Say bye bye to raccoon eyes! If you’re going swimming and you do not want to feel extremely overdone, grooming your lashes and your eyebrows with transparent (clear) mascaras will make you look pretty and neat on the beach.

Lip Tints
Lipsticks and lip glosses will bleed across your lip lines and ruin your look when you are swimming, tanning or just sweating. Lip tints will color your lips in a very natural matte color giving the impression that these are you natural lips while looking juicier than without anything. They also pair perfectly with your favorite gloss or lip conditioner and can double for blusher.

Perfumed Body Lotions
Wearing too much perfume can be harmful to your skin when you’re out in the sun. If you still want to smell great get your favorite body lotion and apply it under your ears, on your wrists and on your hands to keep your authentic scent about you all summer.

Before you head out, you have to wear an SPF lotion that is not less than 30. This is a crucial step if you decide to step out in the sun. Plus, SPF lotions make great primers for the rest of your face makeup, in place of a general makeup primer

Water Facial Mists
Always keep a water facial spray in your purse for an instantly refreshing feeling. Avene or Evian make great spritzers, or you can make your own with distilled water and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil (avoid citrus if you’ll be in the sun). Find them at larger pharmacies and don’t worry – if you spray at a distance it won’t ruin your makeup.