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5 Ethical Egyptian Fashion Brands to Change Your Mind and Closet

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As things become ever more disposable in our consumer based world, it’s easy to lose sight of the value in handmade and locally produced goods. These items often get overshadowed by larger, cheaper brand names or high end status symbols. The truth is, you can buy locally sourced, produced and ethical fashion brands right here,…

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Why We All Need to Stop Complaining about Sahel

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You hear it every year and you’ve probably said it yourself, complaints about how Sahel is not what it used to be. So many of us claim they miss the serenity of Sahel and the old laid back atmosphere. However, with the constant new and trending places opening in Sahel each summer, it is clear that…

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6 CEO Moms Share Insights and Advice on Motherhood

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This month is all about superwomen, aka, mothers: Working moms, stay at home moms, new moms and everything in between. Inspiring Egyptians provided us with insight on what it means to be a mom from these well-known Egyptian mothers. Here’s what they had to say about making moves, balancing work and family and the sometimes…

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