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Third Trimester Weekly Meal Plan

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We know how hard the third trimester can be (you just want that baby OUT), but the important thing is to stay calm and make the most of it. You can also enjoy an extra 500 calories per day above your normal requirements. Not quite eating for two, but it is still an extra something!…

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Infant Meal Plan: 12-18 Months

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By the time your baby reaches one year, they should ideally be eating 5 different fruits and vegetables per day. It’s not too early for them to be “eating the rainbow” as we tell older children to do. Help your child develop a taste for fresh, unprocessed food by encouraging them to try as many…

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Toddler Weekly Meal Plan: 18-24 Months

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Now that you’ve made it through the infant phases of starting solids and then introducing all the different food groups into your growing baby’s diet, it’s time to transition them into another important nutritional and dietary phase for their fast growing toddler bodies. Getting your toddler used to healthy eating habits is one of the…

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5 Steps to Weaning Your Child off of Milk

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Weaning your child off of breast milk or formula and gradually introducing solid foods is a unique stage of your baby’s development that comes with its own set of challenges. You don’t have to deprive your baby from his favourite habit cold-turkey. Gradual weaning, over a few weeks or even months, is usually much more…

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