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Warning Signs You’re Dealing with an Abuser

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Warning Signs You're Dealing with an Abuser

A girl meets her “prince charming” and falls head over heels for him. Then they get married and start a family. She had a dream and believes she has finally found it. Then comes the first poke in the shoulder, slap on the face or punch from her prince. She denies it within herself, blames…

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#CrispNews: Mars Recalls Chocolate Products in Egypt

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#CrispNews: Mars Recalls Chocolate Products in Egypt

Mars Chocolate has recalled chocolate distributed and sold in more than 55 countries, with Egypt being one of them. The recall was prompted by a piece of red plastic found in a Snickers bar in Germany. The company has since recalled products manufactured from December 5th, 2015 to January 18th, 2016 by its Netherlands facilities.…

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