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The 7 Easiest Ways to Spiritually Grow This Ramadan Other Than Fasting

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Islam places a huge emphasis on good ethics and proper manners alongside the religious practices and there is no better time than Ramadan to adopt these useful and beneficial ethics into your life. It takes 21 days to break a habit, making the holy month the perfect opportunity to detach yourself from any behaviors, habits…

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10 Foods to Add to Your Diet This Year

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No, we’re not talking quinoa and kale, we promise! Instead, we’ve made a list of some top food items that you might have heard of or seen around, but were never sure what to do with them or why they might be important for you. Make them part of your regular diet in 2016 to…

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How to Use Mindfulness to Beat Bad Habits

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It’s that inevitable time of year when advertisements begin telling us to “shape up”. Lose weight! Exercise more! Eat better! Love yourself! There is pressure going into the New Year to set resolutions that most likely will not be seen through – other than those first few days of course, when you’re simply feeling guilty…

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