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The October Event Every Woman Should Be Attending

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As women, it continually seems we have a lot bigger load placed on our shoulders as we age, especially if our vision for our future involves any form of work and raising a family. In the midst of family planning and raising kids, it can be hard not to let our personal goals and dreams…

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The Solution To Every Housewife’s Challenge

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We all have plans and dreams that we will eat home-cooked meals everyday, pack our lunches to school or work, and food prep for the week ahead on the weekends. However, more often than not, life happens and we barely have time to order food let alone cook it from scratch. If you find yourself…

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Inspiring Egyptians: Words to Live By

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Success can be hard to measure, but these individuals from Inspiring Egyptians can help guide you along your journey. From artists to doctors to entrepreneurs to adventurers, they’ve all learned something throughout their trials and errors that has played a major part in getting them where they are today. Here are the top pieces of…

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MEET Amira Azzouz: The Driving Force of Fustany

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Fustany is one of the largest fashion and lifestyle publications today, and founder Amira Azzouz had some inspiring knowledge to impart to our readers. Keep reading to find out how Amira so successfully built her own business empire. At first glance, Fustany might not seem like much more than a fashion and lifestyle portal, but…

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