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A Mom’s Message to Society’s Assumptions About Motherhood and Work

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Have you ever taken the DMC, “The Domestic Math Challenge”? It’s very simple really. You basically count how many thousands of times your kids call out “mom” per hour, multiply it by the number of chores, calls and errands you need to run, divide it by the square root of how much you need a minute…

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The October Event Every Woman Should Be Attending

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As women, it continually seems we have a lot bigger load placed on our shoulders as we age, especially if our vision for our future involves any form of work and raising a family. In the midst of family planning and raising kids, it can be hard not to let our personal goals and dreams…

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Top Post-Pregnancy Fashion Picks

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Congratulations on your new baby and becoming a mom! Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting (and confusing) times in a woman’s life. If you just gave birth, your wardrobe is probably the last thing that you are thinking of right now. What you’re actually thinking of are the baby’s wardrobe, feeding bottles,…

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Rahet Bally’s Picks for Staying a Healthy Mommy

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Motherhood comes naturally, but it doesn’t always come easy. In fact most of the times it comes with heavy weight; emotional, psychological, and physical. We often lose ourselves as we hold on so tightly to our bundles of joy. Let it be a career that we loved so much, a sport that we couldn’t imagine…

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Balancing Motherhood and a Career

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All moms are pretty ambitious, but managing a career and being the backbone of a family at the same time? That’s a whole other story. If you too are a supermom who wants to do it all, we have some tips to make your life just a little bit easier. The first thing you need…

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